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Clients Do Not Want Help. Until They Do.

(This was originally published as a guest post for my friends at the management consulting and strategic communications firm Beyond the Arc: Understanding how customers really want help.) On the same day I published a post about the sometimes disappointing allure of technology (Technology is Not a Silver Bullet), the always insightful Discerning Technologist Brad […]

Congratulations Finovate Spring 2012 Winners!

Congratulations to the Finovate Best of Show winners (in alphabetical order): All in all a great show, and I enjoyed meeting lots of great people as I explore the intersection of leadership, advice and technology. More of my impressions and my personal favorites coming soon. BehavioSec BillGuard Dwolla iQuantifi MoneyDesktop Personal Capital SoMoLend 

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Top Ten Geek Week Sneak Peeks – Part 2

Today: The GeekWire Summit Startup technology news site GeekWire held its first birthday party on March 7 with the GeekWire Summit. Speakers included former Microsoft Chief Software Engineer and Cocomo co-founder Ray Ozzie, former Swype CEO Mike McSherry, Hulu CTO Richard Tom, T-Mobile CMO Cole Brodman, Rhapsody President Jon Irwin, venture capitalist/serial founder Oren Etzioni […]

You Do Realize This is a People Business, Don't You?

You Do Realize This is a People Business, Don’t You?

Bankers sometimes have a hard time understanding why their industry has satisfaction ratings right down there with utilities, cell carriers and bankrupt airlines. Maybe it’s because they sometimes have more in common with these business models than they would really care to admit. Companies and industries that score poorly in customer satisfaction tend to treat […]