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  • Integrated Loyalty: How Uber and Capital One Embedded Loyalty into the Customer Experience


    This is the last of my special Invested in Tech series with Capital One, where I have been taking a look behind the scenes at how they are using technology, innovation, and design to create a better banking experience. In my last post I spoke to Naveed Anwar who runs Capital One’s developer community partnerships […]

  • Banking on Blockchain


    Last week I attended an IBM blockchain discussion at Rise New York, featuring Jalak Jobanputra, Founder and Managing Partner of Future\Perfect Ventures and Brigid McDermott, Vice President of Blockchain Business Development & Ecosystem for IBM, and moderated by Todd Pruzan, Editorial Director for Ogilvy. You can catch the video of the event here, and also […]

  • Building Better Bank-Fintech Partnerships


    Talk of banks and fintech companies partnering together has increased dramatically in the past year.  There have definitely been some interesting partnerships announced, particularly with some of the marketplace lenders, various blockchain projects and some artificial intelligence driven bots. Most are in stages that are too early for a full analysis at this point. There […]

  • Improving the Consumer Payment Experience


    I’m continuing my look behind the scenes at Capital One to see how they are using technology, innovation, and design to create a better banking experience. Last week at Money20/20, I spent some time with Tom Poole, Managing Vice President for Digital at Capital One. I heard Tom speak on a panel called “The Role of […]

  • Designing a Better Banking Experience


    This week at Money20/20 in Las Vegas I spent some time behind the scenes at Capital One to see how they are using technology, innovation, and design to create a better banking experience. I sat down with Scott Zimmer, Capital One’s Global Head of Design, to focus on how design is taking on a growing […]

  • Fear and Coding in Las Vegas


    Like so many of the the fintech flock, I am about to make my annual Fall migration to Las Vegas for the Money20/20 conference. I am looking ahead to what I hope to see there, which is how fintech is becoming more and more embedded into customer experiences and customer expectations, and how financial institutions […]

  • Bankers Are From Mars…

    Three C's

    It is not news here, or anywhere else, but bankers and fintech entrepreneurs are from different planets. They are just wired differently. Just a few years ago, all of the fintech companies wanted to put traditional financial institutions out of business. Disrupt the industry!, they said. Despite the fact that we still have over 6,000 banks in the U.S. alone, […]

  • Rise of the AND-I’s


    Make way for the And-I’s. And-I’s are my name for a new phenomenon I’ve noticed in financial services job titles. “And-I” stands for the words “and innovation” tacked on to the end of existing job titles. Your “Head of Digital Banking” is now “Head of Digital Banking and Innovation“. Boom. You’re now in the innovation game. […]

  • The Fintech Grief Cycle for Bankers

    Grief Cycle

    As a few fintech companies like Lending Club, Betterment, and others have run into some rough patches lately, it has been interesting to note some of the reactions, especially amongst bankers (that’s just shorthand, I’m looking at you too, credit union leaders). Some have taken this news as indication that fintech was just a bubble after all, and […]