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  • Innovation is More than the Next Big Idea

    During the last 15 years, 47 fintech companies grew from startups to “unicorns” (valued at $1 billion or greater), with another 38 companies quickly approaching that level, as Jim Bruene posted to the Finovate blog. This has caught the attention of investors, who poured $12 billion of capital into the fintech space last year alone. […]

  • It’s Too Late, Banking Is Already Being Disrupted

    Bankers may be taking undue solace in Chris Skinner’s April 10 American Banker BankThink post, “Like Airlines and Pharma, Banking’s Too Big to Disrupt.” I was party to the specific round of sparring he cites in his article over whether financial technology startups will overthrow the banking industry. And although I agree with many of Mr. Skinner’s […]

  • Traditionalists vs. Trailblazers in Innovation

    Late last year I was asked by my good friend Jim Marous of The Financial Brand to contribute to his crowdsourced list of 2015 Digital Banking Trends and Predictions. My prediction was that we would see an increase in the current trend of banks investing in innovation. More newly-minted Chief Innovation Officers, and more establishments of new […]