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A leading voice for innovation, strategy and leadership for the future of financial services, JP combines senior leadership experience with a fresh perspective on combining high-tech with high-touch. His work has been featured in some of the industry’s top publications, including American Banker, BAI Banking Strategies and Investment News.

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  • Sorry, but Disruptive Technology WILL Kill Banks

    Some of them, anyway. But you won’t read that on their tombstones. Allegedly, John Authers recently wrote an article in the Financial Times entitled “Disruptive technology will not kill banks“. I say allegedly because despite the article being cited and commented […]

  • Recap of FinTech Week in New York

    Recap of FinTech Week in New York After spending two weeks meeting with bankers all across the Southeast United States on our Bank Innovators Road Show, all of that activity reached a crescendo with FinTech Week in New York last week. Monday September 22 Bank […]

  • Innovation Versus Efficiency

    Innovation versus efficiency

    While banks are on a quest to improve efficiency ratios, I’ve noticed a recent increase in the use of the word “innovation” in more and more bank job descriptions and even in bank job titles. I view this as both […]