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  • FIRE™ Up Your Innovation Team

    FIRE™ Up Your Innovation Team

      I’ve written before about the false promise of Innovation Theatre— getting caught up in activities that look like innovation, but don’t really add value. I wrote this for our blog at FinTech Forge (and soon we will tell you about its newer cousin The Fintech Petting Zoo). I have said that the antithesis of and […]

  • What They Don’t Teach You at Banking School

    Banking School

    The financial services industry has a long and important tradition of executive education. Up and coming managers are sent off to graduate banking programs to learn industry best practices developed over prior decades, and in some cases, centuries. These programs are well prepared to teach the evolving art and science of asset and liability management, credit underwriting, portfolio […]

  • Disruption is Already Here

    Disruption 1000x571

    Disruption is already here. It just isn’t widely distributed yet, as William Gibson famously said about the future. Most of the disruption that we have seen in financial services so far has been on the surface, at the Experience Level. Customer touchpoints are often just digital wrappers around the same-old, same-old. Especially most of those created […]