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  • Big Data and Alternative Payments Top Predictions in Capital One Fintech Survey

    Capital One has released a survey of 151 fintech and payments innovators which they conduced at Money 20/20 a couple of weeks ago. Given this non-random sample of participants, it is probably not surprising that Big Data Analytics and Alternative Payments Platforms were the top two answers (at 27% and 26%, respectively) to the question “Which technology innovation will most […]

  • Collaboration Matters

      I spent most of this week at Money 20/20 in Las Vegas. The show continues to grow— 10,000+ attendees this year— and it continues to be a magnet for banking and payment executives, merchants, fintech entrepreneurs, investors, analysts and plenty of commentariat on all such things. With more than 550 (!) speakers at Money […]

  • In Search of Competitive Advantage

    Next week I’ll be in Las Vegas for Money 20/20 the huge payments and financial services innovation conference, and as always I’ll be on the lookout not only for cool ideas and technology, but in particular those that can bring a competitive advantage for financial institutions. There will be a ton of content on EMV, […]