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Five Shifts that Define the New Era for Wealth Management

(This post was also published today on the blog of my consulting firm clientific,  follow me there too.) Five massive foundational shifts are impacting financial service providers of all types, and they are impacting those that serve affluent clients in especially unique ways. Many of the strategies, skills and behaviors that enabled success in the past […]

Why More Experienced CEOs Will Stay At the Forefront of Tech Innovation

This is as encouraging to me personally (“the average age of founders of technology companies is a surprisingly high 39 – with twice as many over-50 executives as those under 29 years old.)”, as it is generally (“The United States might be on the cusp of an entrepreneurship boom—not in spite of an aging population […]

Wealth Management 3.0 Is Here– Are You Ready? (Part 2 of 3)

Last week in Wealth Management 1.0, we explored the origins of the wealth management business in America. As in that post, I will again disclaim any notion of deep academic research and thorough economic analysis in favor of getting to the point. The most important formula in banking used to be the 3-6-3 rule. Bankers brought in […]

Wealth Management 3.0 Is Here– Are You Ready? (Part 1 of 3)

Most banks today have wealth management clients with an average age somewhere between 70 and dead (no offense, Mom). Their books of business were largely built in bygone eras, from fortunes made in companies and industries that no longer exist. These clients (and many of their advisors) are really not sure about this whole “interweb” […]


9 of 10 Banks Are Mulling an Overhaul of Their Operating Models, KPMG Survey Finds – American Banker Article

Soul-searching is Job 1 at a lot of banks. That’s the takeaway from a KPMG survey of more than 100 bankers due out Wednesday. Nine out of 10 banks said that they have re-examined, are in the process of re-examining or will re-examine their operating models, according to an advance copy of the survey results. […]