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Scaling Financial Advice and Collaboration in a GPS World

We live in a real-time traffic, turn-by-turn directions, GPS world. Why do financial institutions still hand out the equivalent of gas station maps? I hear from many financial institutions that creating financial plans for their clients is an important goal, in fact some have goals to provide financial plans to all or a significant percentage […]

A Moneyball Approach to Wealth Management

Smaller and midsized banks can play in the wealth management big leagues, but they have to use some Moneyball type tactics to compete and win against the big budget competition. Before the financial crisis, a “Field of Dreams” approach worked– if you built it, they would come. An environment of deregulation, falling interest rates, a rising stock market […]

Clients Do Not Want Help. Until They Do.

(This was originally published as a guest post for my friends at the management consulting and strategic communications firm Beyond the Arc: Understanding how customers really want help.) On the same day I published a post on the Clientific blog about the sometimes disappointing allure of technology (Technology is Not a Silver Bullet), the always […]

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Five Shifts that Define the New Era for Wealth Management

(This post was also published today on the blog of my consulting firm clientific,  follow me there too.) Five massive foundational shifts are impacting financial service providers of all types, and they are impacting those that serve affluent clients in especially unique ways. Many of the strategies, skills and behaviors that enabled success in the past […]