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Can FinTech Improve Investor Behavior?

In my last post Personalized Service in the Digital World, I discussed the so-called “Robo-advisors”—the new breed of technology-driven online investment advisors—and how they are changing the competitive landscape, whether or not traditional advisors like it or even realize it. I recently attended Money2020 in Las Vegas to hear directly from some of the “Robo-advisors” themselves. […]

Personalized Service in the Digital World

Since my Sept. 18 post in the Investment News techconnect blog, “Financial technology trends advisers can’t afford to ignore”, I have been in a number of conversations about how a new crop of web-based investment management/financial planning services are affecting the industry. Opinions have run the gamut from, “Advisers are toast, everything is moving online,” to […]

Scaling Financial Advice and Collaboration in a GPS World

We live in a real-time traffic, turn-by-turn directions, GPS world. Why do financial institutions still hand out the equivalent of gas station maps? I hear from many financial institutions that creating financial plans for their clients is an important goal, in fact some have goals to provide financial plans to all or a significant percentage […]