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FDIC Bank Stats.003

Is Bank Merger Mania Imminent?

The results of the Federal Reserve’s recent Comprehensive Capital Analysis and Review (CCAR) stress tests have increased the long running speculation that another round of rampant bank mergers may by just around the corner. The number of banks in the U.S. is about half of what it was in 1990, and I don’t see anything […]

QR Carpeting

Top Ten Geek Week Sneak Peeks – Part 2

Today: The GeekWire Summit Startup technology news site GeekWire held its first birthday party on March 7 with the GeekWire Summit. Speakers included former Microsoft Chief Software Engineer and Cocomo co-founder Ray Ozzie, former Swype CEO Mike McSherry, Hulu CTO Richard Tom, T-Mobile CMO Cole Brodman, Rhapsody President Jon Irwin, venture capitalist/serial founder Oren Etzioni […]


The Intersection

The Intersection Welcome to my blog! I’m here to explore the intersection of innovation, strategy and leadership to improve financial services.   Innovation I’ve been a fan and early adopter of technology for as long as I can remember, but technology is just a tool. I can barely a wire light switch and I have […]