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Innovation is an Act of Leadership

The average lifespan atop any corporate leaderboard, whether it’s the Fortune 500 or any other peer group listing, is getting shorter and shorter. Business cycles are growing increasingly brief and volatile. Yesterday’s top companies are soon long forgotten, and today’s leaders are already watching out for tomorrow’s darlings in their rearview mirror. Success is unfortunately a poor teacher. We […]

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Your Fast Follower Strategy is Riskier Than You Realize

In my last post Leaders, Learners and Laggards I talked of banking leaders who describe their approach to innovation as being a “fast follower, and how my typical retort is that they are half-right— most of them are definitely followers, but there usually isn’t anything fast about their approach. This has spurred some great discussions […]

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JP Nicols to Guest Host Breaking Banks

  I am pleased to announce that I will now be a recurring guest host of Breaking Banks, the only dedicated radio show and global podcast focused on disruption in Financial Services and the emerging FinTech sector. As you might expect, I will be especially focused on how banks are innovating in today’s rapidly changing world, but I’ll be covering other […]