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BreakingBanks 2015-12-10

JP Nicols to Guest Host Breaking Banks

I am pleased to announce that I will be a recurring guest host of Breaking Banks, the only dedicated radio show and global podcast focused on disruption in Financial Services and the emerging FinTech sector. As you might expect, I will be especially focused on how banks are innovating in today’s rapidly changing world, and my first episode aired on December 10. […]

CapOne Survey 1000x571

Big Data, Alt Payments Top Fintech Predictions

  Capital One has released a survey of 151 fintech and payments innovators which they conduced at Money 20/20 a couple of weeks ago. Given this non-random sample of participants, it is probably not surprising that Big Data Analytics and Alternative Payments Platforms were the top two answers (at 27% and 26%, respectively) to the question “Which technology innovation will […]