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Big Data, Alt Payments Top Fintech Predictions

  Capital One has released a survey of 151 fintech and payments innovators which they conduced at Money 20/20 a couple of weeks ago. Given this non-random sample of participants, it is probably not surprising that Big Data Analytics and Alternative Payments Platforms were the top two answers (at 27% and 26%, respectively) to the question “Which technology innovation will […]

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Defeating Robo-Advisers Will Take More than a Pulse

A “robo-adviser” joined MoneyGuidePro founder and chief executive Bob Curtis on stage at this week’s T3 Enterprise conference and proceeded to melt down when Mr. Curtis asked it qualitative questions like “I’m worried I won’t be able to retire when I planned, can you help me with that?” During his opening keynote, Mr. Curtis was […]

Compete in Future

How Banks Can Compete in The Future

Back in 1995 Michael Treacy and Fred Wiersema wrote a book called The Discipline of Market Leaders, and in it, they broke down the three critical strategic domains of any business– Customer Intimacy, Product Leadership and Operational Excellence. They argued that companies couldn’t really dominate in more than one. None of these are exactly optional, but their […]

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Can FinTech Improve Investor Behavior?

In my last post Personalized Service in the Digital World, I discussed the so-called “Robo-advisors”—the new breed of technology-driven online investment advisors—and how they are changing the competitive landscape, whether or not traditional advisors like it or even realize it. I recently attended Money2020 in Las Vegas to hear directly from some of the “Robo-advisors” themselves. […]

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Personalized Service in the Digital World

Since my Sept. 18 post in the Investment News techconnect blog, “Financial technology trends advisers can’t afford to ignore”, I have been in a number of conversations about how a new crop of web-based investment management/financial planning services are affecting the industry. Opinions have run the gamut from, “Advisers are toast, everything is moving online,” to […]

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Scaling Financial Advice and Collaboration in a GPS World

We live in a real-time traffic, turn-by-turn directions, GPS world. Why do financial institutions still hand out the equivalent of gas station maps? I hear from many financial institutions that creating financial plans for their clients is an important goal, in fact some have goals to provide financial plans to all or a significant percentage […]