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I am looking forward to the Bank Innovation 2013 conference March 18-19 in San Francisco. I will see more than a few old friends and hopefully make some new ones as some of the best and brightest minds in the industry Explore the Future of Customer Experience in banking.

On Monday afternoon I will moderate a panel on New Product Strategies & Possibilities, as we discuss best practices to promote innovation in product management from a variety of perspectives from within and without the banking industry, a topic I have been spending quite a bit of time on lately.

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For more information about the conference or to request an invitation, visit the Bank Innovation 2013 website:

The full schedule is below:

Bank Innovation 2013

Monday, March 18, 2013

11:00am   Registration Begins

1:15pm     Introductory Remarks

1:30pm    Session 1 – Panel:  What Is “Banking” Today?  Executive Dialogue on the Future of the Customer Experience

  • How can banks realize the dream of “holistic” banking considering legacy challenges
  • What do the most successful start-ups tell us about the future
  • Which conventional wisdoms about the future of banking are wrong
  • How do the branch and ATM fit into the concept of the Future Bank?

Alicia Moore, Senior Vice President, ATM Banking, Wells Fargo
Bradley Leimer, Vice President, Online & Mobile Strategy, Mechanics Bank
Jeff Stephens , Founder, CEO, Creative Brand Communications
Scott Zimmer , VP Digital Banking & Innovation, Capital One

2:45pm    Afternoon Break

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3:15pm    Session 2:  Big Data and Banking: The Seeds of Innovation

  • Strategic thinking on Big Data
  • Keys to data acquisition and management
  • How to find new product opportunities in massive data sets

Shawn Budde, Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer, ZestFinance


3:40pm    Session 3 – Panel:  New Product Strategies & Possibilities
  • Best practices to promote innovation in the product management function
  • Regulatory compliance implications
  • The role of rewards, couponing, and commerce in banking products

JP Nicols,, CEO, Clientific

Shawn Budde, Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer, ZestFinance
Peter Vogel, Co-Founder & CEO, Plink
Michael Panzarella, Director, Financial Services, Perficient
John Schulte, SVP & CIO, Mercantile Bank of Michigan

4:30pm    Session 4 – Presentation:  Harnessing Social Media for Better Customer Experience

  • What is working — and what isn’t — in social CRM
  • Big Data solutions
  • Tools for social banking excellence

Kimarie Matthews, Vice President, Social Web, Wells Fargo & Co.

5:20pm    Presentation of the 2013 Bank Innovation Awards 

5:40pm    Networking Reception


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

8:00am     Registration and Breakfast
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9:00am    Session 5 – Panel:  Best Practices in Organizational  Innovation

  • Defining the management imperative
  • The tools and protocols you need for true innovation
  • What role must corporate culture play for innovation success?
  • The role of social media

Harry Brandicourt, SVP, Managing Director, Strategic Planning Group, Director of Innovation, Fifth Third Bancorp
Chuck Davidson, Head of Product, Cardfree
Sam Maule, Manager, Carlisle & Gallagher Consulting Group
Matt Wilcox, SVP, eBusiness Strategy, Zions Bancorp

10:00am    Session 6 – Presentation:  Wallet Share, the New Strategic Imperative

  • What does it mean to think wallet share vs market share?
  • Best practices for enhanced wallet share
  • Technologies that allow for more holistic wallet share marketing and metrics

Dan Schatt, GM, Financial Innovations, PayPal

11:00am    Mid-Morning Break
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11:30am    Session 7:  The IdeaStorm: Attendees Collaborate to Brainstorm a Better Banking Future

  • During this session, we’ll undertake a brainstorm session to cultivate a more dynamic future for banking innovation.

12:30pm    Lunch 
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1:30pm     Session 8 – Panel:  Channel Convergence: Fulfilling Every Customer Need

  • Usage trends and how to get more consumers to embrace innovation
  • Overcoming the challenge of balancing customer wants and legacy system realities
  • How to isolate user experience from services/data analytics
  • What are the operational challenges that need to be overcome in order to be truly channel agnostic?

Stephen Armstrong, Director of Emerging Channels, USAA
Jelmer De Jong, CEO, Backbase
Geoff Knapp, VP, Digital Channels & Online Banking, Fiserv
Jim Reynolds, Vice President, Regional Site Director, U.S. Bank

2:30pm    Afternoon Break
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3:00pm    Session 9 – Panel: The Future of PFM

  • What does real PFM look like, and should banks be “afraid” of it?
  • Why PFM is crucial to customer experience excellence
  • Metrics on how effective PFM can boost your bank ratios

Eric Connors, SVP of Products, Yodlee
Rob Cummings, Senior Vice President, Online and Mobile Banking, Mountain America Credit Union
Matt Kinney, Senior Product Manager – Social Media, Video & Online Tools, TD Bank
Kristoffer Lawsom, Co-Founder, Holvi

4:00pm    Session 10 – Presentation: Separating Mobile Banking Fact from Fiction

  • Why certain apps work, and certain apps suck
  • What’s the next new-new thing?
  • Smartphone vs. tablet vs. both
  • Principles of mobile banking

Matt Krogstad, VP of Mobile Banking and Payments, Bank of the West

5:00pm    Celebratory Networking Reception
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6:30pm Conference concludes


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