Finovate Fall 2013 Preview – Part 1

Finovate Fall 2013

It’s hard to believe that the Finovate Fall 2013 conference ( The Disneyland of FinTech™, as my friend Brad Leimer, the Discerning Technologist has dubbed it) is less than 30 days away.

In this edition of the Finovate series, 70 companies will take the stage at a new venue in New York to demonstrate their latest technology to an expected crowd of 1,000 bankers, investors, journalists, analysts and FinTech junkies.

Today, the Finovate blog posted the first in a series of their FinovateFall 2013 Sneak Peek posts with snapshot of each presenter’s key features and what it is that they think makes them great.

I will continue to link to their Sneak Peek posts here, and as always, I will pay special attention to those companies in the investment/financial planning/wealth management space and those focused on improving innovation and client experience:


Financial Guard is an online investment manager reinventing the financial services industry by providing professional, unbiased, transparent, actionable investment advice to the individual investor.
  • Holistic investment portfolio optimization
  • Full transparency
  • Simple enough for a college intern. Complex enough for a Ph.D in Finance
Why it’s great: Investment Advice at the Right Price, Finally
Kevin Pohmer, President, Financial Guard


FlexScore is the first-ever, financial scoring tool and is specifically made to make financial education fun for middle-class America.
  • First-ever overall financial scoring tool
  • Provides actionable steps to help user improve finances
  • Peer ranking tool so users can compare scores
Why it’s great: First-ever personal finance too for middle America instead of the uber rich.


Jason Gordo, CEO, FlexScore
Jason Gordo is listed in the Forbes Top 50 RIA’s in the country. He is also co-author of “FlexScore: Financial Advice for the Rest of Us.”


Jeff Burrow, President, FlexScore
Jeff Burrow is President of FlexScore and is co-author of the book, “FlexScore: Financial Advice for the Rest of Us.” He is a certified financial planner.


Stay tuned for more previews of Finovate Fall 2013, as well is reports from the conference. You can also follow my impressions from the conference live on Twitter September 10-11: @JPNicols

Tickets are still available for Finovate Fall 2013 in New York, but the event is expected to sell out.