Welcome to My New Era

I have been writing for some time now on the ‘intersection of leadership, advice and innovation’ and about why I believe we are in the early stages of a new era of wealth management.

Today, my blog starts a new era too.

First, I am expanding the name of my eponymous blog from simply “jpnicols.com” to “Affluent Strategies by JP Nicols”.

The current web address is not changing, although you will soon be able to access the same site and the same content at www.AffluentStrategies.com as well. One site, two URLs.



What started as simply an outlet for me to express my observations and ideas has expanded into something that has grown beyond my expectations, and this site is now closing in on 10,000 views from more than 30 countries.

A common thread in most everything I have written has been to consider the potential implications for financial advisors working with affluent and high net worth clients, and simply putting my name in the browser window is probably less than descriptive for new and prospective readers.

Secondly, since I have started another website for my consulting firm clientific (and I would love it if you would visit me there too), I needed to make some small changes to keep each site unique and distinctive. On clientific.net I will focus more on the ‘advice’ component– research and practical and tactical ideas and solutions specifically for wealth management firms and fintech companies who serve the affluent market.


That will give me a little more room here to branch out just a little wider to cover other things I find interesting under the ‘leadership’ and ‘innovation’ signs of the intersection, even if they are not centered in wealth management. I have been pleasantly surprised at the readership and level of interest in these topics from far outside of the wealth management industry, and I will continue to spend time on general leadership and entrepreneurism topics.

I am also updating the color scheme and branding a little bit and may undertake some other other design updates in the coming weeks to improve the user experience, but all of the existing content and tags will remain.

Thanks for reading and helping me get to this point. I hope you will find these changes a positive way to kick off a new era. Feel free to drop me a line and give me feedback so I can keep it useful for you.

– JP Nicols, CFP®

*Update: 1/18/13: Everything took a little longer than expected to finalize, but the transition is now complete. For both sites I have moved to a new, more powerful hosting platform, redesigned the look and feel and functionality of the sites for what I hope to be a better user experience, and upgraded my ability to grow in several ways.

Technically, I guess I can no longer say “I’ve never written a line of code in my life”, but a few snippets of html that I learned via Google search will probably not earn me much street cred here in Seattle. Thanks to Mark McLaren of McBuzz Communications for his help and expertise on all of the technical things outside of my self-taught grasp.

I hope you enjoy the new look. Let me know!